If the revisit of new patients is not continuing, there is something wrong.

There was a person who recently asked me on the phone recently.​
I’m currently working on Google seo hospital.​
The number of new patients in the hall has increased, but there are fewer people visiting again than I thought.​
What’s the problem?

This is because the satisfaction level was lower than the patient thought. Think about why they chose our hospital out of all those hospitals. Obviously, one thing has captured the patient’s heart.​
For example, some people may come from the community that they have been kind and meticulous, and you may come from Google’s post that they only provide the necessary medical treatment without excess.

I visited with a good perception, so what if you treat me unfriendly or carefree than I thought?​
Of course, there will be no reason to visit the hospital again.

What do I do to make them happy?
Shall we visit again?

We can often see exaggerated expressions such as “We’re so good at Google seo” in the hospital. Because I think this will increase the number of patients.
For example
Google said it was cleanly managing disinfection, and showed me interior photos such as clean clinics, but when I went there, if it wasn’t as loose and clean as I thought, the patient would be disappointed and feel deceived by false advertisements.
In fact, similar examples could be found in intellectuals.
You went to the dentist who had a painless anesthesia device to relieve any pain.​
However, when I visited there in person, I felt that it was a false advertisement because it was different from what was posted on Google. That’s what he said.

You shouldn’t over-pack or lie like this. Rather, the hospital image can be worse.​​​
You should approach the patient with honesty and sincerity.

Hospital Google seo Put Our Own Story
It is also important to convey information about exposing competitive keywords well. But more importantly…

If you’ve wrapped it up splendidly online and offline marketing, you can actually show it the same to the patients who visit.​
If you fill the patient’s satisfaction, of course you’ll have to come back. If it’s hard to do it, it’s better not to say it from the beginning.

If the revisit of new patients is not continuing, there is something wrong. We need to check what the problem is.​
Instead of just 구글seo focusing on marketing, it is necessary to strategically plan until the moment you enter the hospital door.

It is also important to be kind to each patient.​
It’s okay to lose about one person. We have a lot of patients visiting us. If one person posts “Not good” to acquaintances or receipt review communities, word of mouth will spread in the neighborhood, and it can quickly become a bad image.

As I said before, the image of the hospital that has deteriorated once again is difficult to improve and takes a lot of time and money.
We should always have time to plan what aspects of the hospital we will emphasize and show from the beginning and think about how patients can come to our hospital.

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