Wherever you go, the blind spot, the mountain difference, bothers you and bothers you.

She is gaining huge popularity among school girls as a master of rich families and a leader of F4.
You can think of the characteristics of Koo Jun-pyo. He’s hot-tempered and irritable. Narcissism?a person who is to be done
You can think of it as your personality.

Although he was raised in a poor family, he is confident in his personality and has a straightforward personality.
I think there are some parts that are not easy to understand, but Dongsan Chai shows various charms with cute characters.
I dream of entering Minder University and dreaming about college life, but what will happen in the future is tremendous.
I’ll get caught by F4.

Ray is in charge of the actual softness of seniority in F4. When you think of our juniors,
I think it’ll work. He plays the role of a kind senior who always looks after Dongshan Chai.
This personality and behavior can make Daomingsu, who likes Dongshan Chai, very upset.

I am May who is in charge of our eternal prince song which was the main character of our country.
Sleek and slightly greasy? Unlike Song Woo-bin’s role, he also appears pure and plain.
I love hanging out with Simon every time, but I’m careful with the woman who made me realize my love.
It is difficult to approach and express.

I think we can think of So Yi-jeong as we know. That’s how much I love hanging out with girls.
His behavior seems to be something he does not want to be hurt because he has a bad memory because of his past experiences.
Along with May, she is one of the characters who cannot be hated for her role as a licorice to help Dongshan Chai when she is often important.

You’re hit by people’s feet, you’re dumped, you’re leaving Dongshan Chai, you’re near Daoming’s feet.
That’s how the phone screen was smashed, and the angry Sanchai went to visit Daomingsu and accidentally knocked the professor down.
I was scolded for my rudeness. There’s already been a rumor going around in school. Meanwhile, he finds F4 who broke his phone.
This is why F4 is so vulnerable. That’s the story that started to get tangled.
Let’s briefly explain the beginning and refrain from giving spoilers.

Everywhere I go, Daoming-ssi gets irritated and bothered by the eye-boggling Sanchai.

As we go through this and that, we get closer to each other, and Daoming likes San Chai. but
His way of expression is a little 토렌트왈 different, so you can only see the friendly Rey in Sanchai’s eyes.

There is a fierce war of nerves between the two men with a mountain difference in the middle. It keeps happening.

Eventually, he went on a trip, and when he saw the beautiful mountain difference, Daomingsu and Rey saw the beautifully dressed.
Once again, you will be attracted to Sanchai.

Ray and Daoming, who look at the mountain difference that came out of the closet and make a surprising expression.
I think Daoming’s eyes are going to get a laser.

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