It was a perfect match for the pepper.

Hello. Let me introduce the Seoul Forest Wine Bar The Parking Rat, which was good and hip in Seongsu-dong!I am enjoying wine these days. I wanted to eat wine last weekend, so I went to Seongsu-dong because I had a hot wine bar, but it was the parkerat!Above all, the boss also had a kind and pleasant time, but I wanted to know it, but I like to share a good place!

I had dinner and visited at about 6 o’clock! It took about 5 minutes at Ttukseom Station and it was in the alley, but it was easy to find, so it was a good accessibility.

There was a signboard in front of the store that informed the parkerat, and even the signboard had an emotional picture, so I wondered what space the inside was
When I went down the half-story, I was able to enter the wine bar, but there were various wine bottles in front of the store, and I could see that there were various wine bottles like wine houses
Blue neon, which says wine house!
I’m going to the wine bar The Parking Rat, and I smell my favorite scent,

The tables ranged from four to two, but we were placed in a four-seater on the front of the door.
There was also a bar table, and I wanted to sit here next time!
I entered the wine bar and made a Q-al code before I sat down

It was decorated with various wine bottles inside the store, and it was not so neat and so gorgeous that young friends seemed to like it!I wanted to recommend it as a place to date Seongsu because there was such a good place in Seongsu-dong.
On one wall, there was a beam like this, so I upped the atmosphere even more!
The wine refrigerator contained a variety of wines, which were kept at constant temperatures and allowed for a delicious wine
You sat at the table and brought me a menu and a wipe!

Now I’ll look at the menu of the Seoul Forest Wine Bar The Parking Rat! The menu was divided into wine and food menus, and I looked at the wine menu first!There were various wines, water, and tastes for each price range, but it was well explained what kind of wine was good to order wine!

White, red, sparkling, and so on. Don’t you think it’s a good place to date holy water?
There were a variety of alcoholic beverages, including whiskey and cocktails, as well as wine, but it seemed like a good drink at a bar with friends
Finally, it’s a menu of food! Foods had wine and alcohol and other foods that varied from being able to fill a ship and simply eat!We ordered chili sauce and nachos for snacks!
I liked sweet wine and ordered sparkling wine! You opened wine to the boss and you opened it with a good hand because it was a professional hand!
You poured me the first glass like this!

I took a picture of wine and basic snacks together! The parklat, which seemed so atmosphere and women would like to take pictures only with basic snacks.
I had a good atmosphere and I took a variety of pictures! I liked the lights because they were 강남 풀싸롱 my favorite lights.

holy water date
Once in the video! He took a storm photo and drank a sweet sparkling wine

I ordered it! It was Villa Ulanda Moscato Dasti wine with sparkling wine!I would recommend it to those who are not drinking well, but it was a wine that can be enjoyed by both men and women because it is sweet and soda. The taste of the wine is different from the chilling, but it is sparkling, so it is cool, so it is more delicious.
The basic snack was the salad! There was a mayonnaise with pepper on it, but it could have been flat if it was just mayonnaise, but it was a perfect match for the pepper.
It tastes like this!

Nacho came out as a snack! It was the first time Nacho had come out so visually, but the chili sauce was warmer and it was more delicious!The top was sprinkled with cheese, so I could eat more delicious nachos

seoul forest wine bar
One video. Doesn’t it look good on the video? It’s a good nacho to eat, but chili sauce.

I put on chili sauce and tomatoes and put them in a bite! I went to dinner and ordered a simple snack, but it was just perfect and I could have a good time with my friend!Some people are on the weekend, but if you do not like weighting, I would recommend you to visit early and have delicious snacks and wine. Next time you visit, you should try cream rice cake.
Then have fun at the holy water wine bar The Parking Rat

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